CodeMan Cloud

CodeMan Cloud is a service we provide that allows customers to run CodeMan without having to worry about setting up servers and databases. While also providing other features, like Procore integration.

Our CodeMan Cloud welding software modules currently cover ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, D1.3, D1.4, D1.6, and D9.1 qualification codes (plus many more fabrication codes).  Additional codes will be covered in the future based on customer demand.  Because of the software’s modular design, customers can choose from one or more of the available modules to create a program that fits their specific needs.  This design also allows customers to easily add new modules when needed.

Does your company have multiple locations that need to share welding related information to increase productivity and reduce cost?  CodeMan may be the right solution for you!  We have current customers that individually track thousands of welders, tens of thousands of performance qualification tests, hundreds of thousands of welds, and over a million welding inspection hold points using CodeMan.  Even with this much data, most information that you need takes seconds to find.


  • Powerful reporting capabilities with customizable layouts.

Some features common to ALL enterprise modules:

  • Security & Authorization:
    • Administrators have precise control over who has access to data;
    • Roles are used to make assigning user rights and authorizations quick and accurate;
    • Digital signatures can be used in paperless environments.
  • User Defined searches (where applicable):
    • User defined searches can be developed and optionally saved for re-use using a very powerful, but user friendly, query design tool within the program;
    • Queries can be designed by personnel with no SQL knowledge and no knowledge of the underlying database structure.


One of the main features of CodeMan is the reports that can be generated with the data entered into the program.

CodeMan Modules

CodeMan welding software is made up of five main modules:

The other 2 modules:

  • Material Issue
  • Weld Documentation

Are being converted from an older version of the program, but are not yet fully implemented.

Procedure Qualification Record

PQR Info

Welding Procedure Specification

Welding Procedure Specification

Welder Qualification

Welder Qualification